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"Express Yourself!" 

a new sculpture​ by Julie Marsh

Come see "Express Yourself!" 

Where: City Art Gallery 828 Valencia St. and 20th SF, CA

When: March 2-31

Hours: Mon/Thur/Sun noon-9PM; 

Fri/Sat noon-10PM

Reception: Sunday, March 13 4-6PM

"Andy" by Marisol Escobar 1960

Julie at the Gay Pride Parade 2018

Paul in his Yellow Suit 2020

"Express Yourself!" by Julie Marsh 2022

A​bout a year ago, inspired by Marisol Escobar, an amazing Venuzuelan sculptor I began work on a new project. As soon as I decided to adapt Marisol’s style to my own work, my internal voice whispered, “Do a self-portrait”. I remembered two photos of me shot at a Gay Pride parade, one a head shot, the other a full body shot of me walking with a friend. I loved what I wore that day…paisley leggings, a bright yellow T shirt, a pink jacket, my floppy turquoise hat adorned with colorful flowers, giant green hoop earrings, and carnival beads…and I loved how I felt…100% myself! I basked in the powerful energy of thousands of people all unapologetically celebrating being themselves!

It took many experiments, different attempts, help from mentors, and time, to solve the technical and aesthetic challenges this project presented. But at last the self portrait was complete. However my vision had grown. The internal voice now whispered “Create a companion piece of Paul (my husband) in his amazing yellow suit with royal blue shirt, hat and shoes!   So I created the companion piece of Paul in his yellow suit. This time I had a roadmap. I wanted Julie and Paul to sit together on a bench. Soon, the perfect bench came my way.

And “Express Yourself!” was born!  

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